Bottled Water Delivery and Exchange

Bottled Water Delivery and Exchange


  • Scheduling and Truck Replenishment
  • Bottle Counting and Equipment Rental Billing
  • Route Optimization and Visual Dispatching
  • Delivery, Pickup Exchange Tracking
  • Rentals and Equipment Monitoring
  • Barcode Scanning and Lot Tracking
  • Web Service and End-to-End ERP System
  • Customer Specific Price Management
  • MiniMateTM Android Mobile Solution
  • Task/Work Orders Management
  • Invoicing and Accounting Software Integration
  • Data History and Advanced Reporting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling and Dispatching

    Optimize the scheduling process of five-gallon bottled water delivery, route sales, and empty bottle exchange. Notify customers of any changes in schedule. Set up accurate empty bottle exchange schedules or give your clients the flexibility to order by call or online when they need your service. Improve the capacity of every delivery truck, and you will reduce transportation costs. Equip your drivers with optimized routes, turn-by-turn directions, customer information, and work orders’ details.

route management software Route Management

    Seamlessly work with multiple destinations. Minimize driving time, transportation delays, and fuel consumption by determining the most efficient routes. Reduce service time and labor costs by dispatching the right driver to the proper location. Automatically task assigning allocates delivery to the best-suited driver based on the driver location, truck loading, delivery destination, and other parameters. Communicate with drivers, eliminate not paid deliveries, and serve more customers in fewer miles.

tracking feature Tracking

    Make deliveries smoother, reduce the number of missed and unpaid deliveries, and improve customer satisfaction. Automate fleet management and field employees’ work time and productivity tracking. Control deposits and payments, monitor bottle collections, water cooler, and dispensers rentals, and regulate filter changes. Support pre-orders, route scheduling, daily loads, last delivery date, and number per item. Keep records with live updates about every delivery, driver, and order.

bottles of water inventory Inventory Management

    Manage inventory located in multiple warehouses, equipment rentals, and filter maintenance. Track in real time the quantity of water bottles on your trucks while drivers are performing deliveries. Tag bottles and equipment with barcodes and use mobile technology of lot tracking to manage your inventory automatically. Control water bottle loads/unloads and moving between warehouses, monitor quantity of full and empty bottles in stock, number of rented water coolers and dispensers, and others.

CRM Management Feature CRM and Flexible Pricing

    Maintain a high level of service. Contact your clients in person, via email, by telephone, through a call center, and online. Automate the management process of your company’s relationships with current and potential customers. Monitor existing customers and new leads data and their activities across all channels of contact. Create competitive quotes and provide customers with specific pricing; inform them about promotions and discounts. Seamlessly invoice customers from the office or by using a mobile app in the field.

Mobile app Mobile App

    Supply your drivers and sales representatives with a robust Android mobile solution that integrates with the back-office system and Bing Maps. Control what information drivers see on their mobile devices. Enable field employees to receive schedules, daily routes with stops at customer locations and driving directions, have access to needed customer information, create orders and invoices in the field, collect mobile payments, capture customer signature, create records about fulfilled deliveries, and more.

web service request  Web Service

    Enable your customers a new way to order water bottle exchange and delivery to their home or office. Offer various service plans so your clients will be able to select single or recurring water delivery with frequency and schedule that the right for them. Create secure accounts for delivery drivers, and they will have online access to complete information about orders.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Delivery reports with accurate time and date allow the admin to know which delivery was performed by which driver and to which customer. Ensure accountability with the detailed task history and comprehensive metrics of drivers' performance. Use pivotal data to solve problems, make insight-driven business decisions, and focus on major priorities.

Single ERP System Integration

    Simplify your business operations with a complete ERP software system that easily integrates with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, AccountMate, and other accounting software. Manage everything in a single software system from customers and inventory to routing, reporting, marketing, and other essential day-to-day operational functions.

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