Bookkeeping and Accounting Software Eliminates Business Accounting and FinancialTasks

Use software solutions for eliminating your business bookkeeping tasks and improving the business accounting process.

Bookkeeping is a part of the business accounting process that lies in the recording of financial transactions such as purchases, sales, receipts, and payments.

In the old days before computers and software solutions, the bookkeeping began with the handwriting financial transactions into specialized journals (purchases journal, sales journal, cash receipts journal, and cash payments journal) in date order.

Later, all amounts from the journals were posted to corresponding accounts in the general ledger. Manual entering transactions into journals, rewriting in accounts, and calculating the account balances could result in some errors. Finding errors often required spending hours on the retracting the entries and postings.

Computerized bookkeeping today removes many of the paper journals. Computers and accounting computerized solutions allow eliminating many of the bookkeeping and accounting tasks or enable their occurring simultaneously. For instance, the sales invoice preparation automatically:

  • updates the relevant general ledger accounts: accounts receivable, inventory, sales, the cost of goods sold,
  • updates the customer information,
  • stores the information for the financial statements and other reports.

Computers and computer programs eliminate errors that could occur when amounts were manually entered, rewritten and calculated. So, bookkeepers and accountants have not to spend hours on looking for errors in a financial transaction and their reports.

Accounting and bookkeeping software is fast and accurate in processing the entered information such as sales invoices, vendor invoices, payroll, and other financial transactions. Other adjusting entries include:

  • earned, but not yet entered assets and revenues;
  • were incurred, but not yet entered expenses and liabilities;
  • no longer prepaid prepayments;
  • depreciation expense, etc.
Bookkeeping is one of the most critical and often the most time-consuming aspect of the business. Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers companies specialized in the deliveries, route sales, pre-order, and equipment services the technological tools that allow them to accurately and efficiently manage their business activities. Our ServQuest™ desktop software package is the reliable, sophisticated, and comprehensive route accounting software that specially designed to support sales, deliveries and service operations. This flexible and easy-to-use intermediary between accounting and mobile operations serves various functions, including business planning, organizing, and reporting. ServQuest™ key features include inventory control, route book, route optimization, scheduling, CRM call centers, quick service ticket, DSD analytics, equipment management, tracking tanks, truck replenishment and KPI reporting.
Accounting and bookkeeping software

Our company also offers additional services such as consultations to your route accounting software needs, individualized application design, to fit your unique route accounting needs, training during the implementation phase, and support service.