Beverage Dispensing

beverage dispensing service


  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Route Optimization and Mapping
  • Purchase Order Control
  • Multi-Location Transfers and Tracking
  • Task Management and Assignment
  • Barcode Scanning and Lot Control
  • Inventory and Stock Control
  • CRM and Customer Specific Pricing
  • Mobile APP and Web Customer
  • Invoicing and Flexible Pricing
  • Mobile Payment and Signature Collecting
  • Integration with Accounting Software
  • Real-Time Reporting and Data Collecting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Simplify your scheduling process. Create schedules based on the planned capacity in the calendar for every delivery driver, service technician, and vehicle. Take into account established rules such as priority, due date, defined terms, stock status, vehicle capacity, worker and equipment availability, etc. Use automatically reminding about scheduled maintenance for all installed to customers beverage dispenser equipment. Easily make changes in the schedule by the last-minute requests.

route management software Route Management

    Improve your service with increased delivery speed; deliver the right services and products on time. Maximize profits and eliminate overhead as much as possible by using route accounting tools such as route optimization, dispatching, and real-time tracking. Serve more customers with fewer resources; organize fleet, maximize service teams’ efficiency, reduce labor and fuel costs, eliminate risks of missed deliveries, provide your drivers with turn-by-turn directions.

CRM Management Feature CRM and Pricing

    Effectively identify, acquire, develop, and retain the most profitable customers. Have a company-wide view of every interaction with your existing customers and foresee prospects. Improve customer service and fix issues; analyze and process customer complaints. Establish automatic alerts to prevent any service delays and lost revenue opportunities. Coordinate communication between customers and your company. Use a simple pricing model.

warehouse management Warehouse Management

    Store more products and pieces of equipment in a fraction of the space, make them easier to serve, move within the warehouse(s), and transport from suppliers and to customers. Centralize products and equipment information and structure them in a consistent way. Use barcoding to automatically update inventory data. Track items and ensure that wastage is kept to a minimum. Use an amount control system to maintain the right level of inventory.

Mobile app Mobility

    Every detail - from purchasing to delivery - is now accessible from any mobile devices in real-time. MiniMateTM mobile app provides real-time access to information stored in an easy-to-understand format: prior work orders, equipment history, customer information, dispatch board, and more. Allow your service technicians to request data, perform required calculations, and return the updated information. Enable them to work simple, fast, and paperless. 

online sales Web Customer

    Improve your business with Web Customer that allows your customers to make purchase and service orders 24/7. Provide real-time information about inventory level and equipment availability. Automate such transactions as order pushing, credit card processing, shipping confirmation, tracking of the order status, and others. Streamline web orders’ fulfillment, improve your customers’ satisfaction, and receive clients' feedback.

warehouse management Work Order Management

    Use progressive tools to manage the most complex demands of the tech service of beverage dispensers, including job profitability and estimated and actual work costs. Automatically create work orders for scheduling. Record parts needed for maintenance. Assign tasks to be completed and add them to work orders. Maintain all created orders with the ability to fast create new work orders by customer requests. Plan preventive maintenance and notify customers of pending works. Monitor every order status and workflow progress.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Globally manage your company's activities to see and control who, when, where, which, and how to perform a job. Use real-time data for all important business needs – from inventory to compliance reporting. Collect, sort, group, and filter, records by details of the real-time reports and historical data to use them for analyzing all aspects of your business. Have quick access to last-minute reports of performed services, job-in-process, and open customers’ orders. Use collected data history to better predict future customers' needs.

Single ERP System Integration

    All-in-one beverage dispensing software solution that fully integrates with your accounting software and office processes. Facilitate your operations with continuous electronic control, eliminate loss with accurate accounting, and increase revenue with effective actions. Split up different types of information and use the database to combine the necessary data. Use advanced query techniques, avoid duplication of data to lessen memory footprint and storage requirements.

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