Beverage Bottle Distribution

beverage bottle distribution


  • Visual Dispatching and Estimated Delivery
  • Route Optimization and Bing Maps
  • Purchasing and Order Management
  • Warehouse Management and Inventory Control
  • Inventory Traceability and Replenishment
  • Barcoding and Lot Tracking
  • Web Ordering and ACH Payments
  • CRM and Vendor Management
  • Automatic Reminders and Checklists
  • MiniMateTM Mobile App
  • Mobile Payments and Digital Proof of Delivery
  • Customer Specific Beverage Bottle Pricing
  • Real-Time Reporting and Data Collecting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling and Dispatching

    Reduce missed delivery count and customer complaints with efficient scheduling and dispatching. Create work orders from a set of customer orders. Use MiniMateTM mobile app in the field, and your dispatchers will have visibility into vehicle locations for in-the-field coordination without numerous drivers' phone calls back to the office. Automatically send your drivers and distributors branded alerts about last-minute changes in schedule.

route management software Route Management

    Create optimized, responsive delivery routes powered by real-time algorithms that enable automatically rearranging stops to satisfy time-window commitments. Avoid delays, reduce mileage, and increase fleet utilization. Enhance on-time delivery percentages and decrease refusals in delivery. Provide your drivers with turn-by-turn directions from pick up to drop off, and you will know every move of your field employees.

CRM Management Feature CRM & Order Management

    Manage customer data, orders, and relationships in an effective way. Give customers access to their orders and invoice history. Control what products are available and at what prices. Propose special pricing for every customer based on the time of year and the volume of purchasing items. Accommodate both planned repeated and on-demand orders. Minimize customer refusals. Provide delivery visibility to your customers.

inventory Inventory Control

    Have comprehensive and detailed views of your inventory all time. Track inventory on every stage, from creating a purchase order to your vendors, receiving beverage bottles into inventory, storing warehouses, picking, packing, shipping, and delivering to your customers. Tag beverage bottles or boxes with lot tracking capabilities for full traceability and auditability of your items. Define the stocking level for every beverage product taking into account its shelf life.

Mobile app Mobility

    Provide drivers with an easy-to-use mobile app that enables them to seamlessly record stops, arrival and departure times, collect credit card payments, capture signatures, read barcodes, create, send and print invoices, record customer-specific service notes, create reports, and perform other operations. Give your dispatchers real-time views of trucks' locations and delivery status, and the ability to respond to driver needs and monitor drivers' work time and job progress against plans.

online sales  Web Store

    Add Web Customer to your corporate website and provide online sales through Web Store to wholesale customers and retail visitors. Choose which beverage products to show online, add product description with images, prices, weight, package information, and in-stock level. Allow customers to create secure accounts and to view available items, search for specific products, place orders online, make payments, track orders, and see order history.

warehouse management Warehouse Management

    Automate and optimize your warehouse(s) management to make your warehouse operations more efficient and cost-effective. Let your personnel control all warehouse transactions by using mobile handheld devices. Use barcoding to count bottles and boxes and to track inventory moving within warehouse and transfers between warehouses. Define optimal keeping stock levels by the warehouse and product.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Monitor every facet of your beverage bottle distribution operations. Capture customer signatures, notes, photos, and store delivery details in one particular place. Collect electronic proof of delivery: customer signatures, notes, photos, and store delivery details in one special place. Identify potential issues before they can become significant liabilities. Use historical data to maximize the performance of your fleet, delivery drivers, and distributors over time.

Single ERP System Integration

    Integration with third-party software allows creating a single database. Use Prism VS's software solutions to seamlessly manage all day-to-day operations such as purchasing, inventory, sales, customer, vendors, delivery, and others related to your business, and with the accounting system continue to take care of your finances. No more re-entering data, paperwork, slips of the pen, mistakes in reports, and errors in statements.

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