Best Route Accounting Software Compatible with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamic, SAP, Sage, and AccountMate

Components of Prism VS route accounting software system

Are you looking for the efficient route accounting software solution that can be easily integrated with your accounting software system? You are at the right place.

We offer the best route accounting software solution that helps companies:

  • to save money via reducing business costs; 
  • to increase sales via tracking inventory and pricing at customer locations; 
  • to easily get to the customer locations by following the created optimal routes with Google Maps; 
  • to see the full picture of the company financials with detailed real-time reports.

Prism’s route managing software system is:

  • Created for companies performing route sales, delivery, equipment and other field services. 
  • Designed to help companies improve, automate and streamline all aspects of their field service operation. 
  • Developed by using the newest desktop, mobile, and web technologies. 
  • Integrated with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamic, SAP, Sage, and AccountMate software systems.

7 Main components of our route accounting and managing software system:

#1. ServQuest™ – a complete desktop software package enabling the efficient management and control of all business activities of the field service company.

#2. Prism Dispatch™ – a complex desktop software package that provides optimization of routes with multiple stops at customer locations and visual dispatching.

#3. MiniMate™ – a mobile application developed for wide range of the mobile handheld devices running on the Windows Mobile and Android operating systems.

#4. Order Connector – an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that enables synchronization and integration Prism’s solutions with the most used accounting software systems, including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamic, SAP, Sage, and AccountMate.

#5. Web Store – a web application that allows customers to place orders from a desktop computer or a mobile device and companies to take orders during non-business hours.

#6. Web Equipment Service – a web application that enables companies to collect the online customer service requests.

#7. Web Bill Pay – a web application that gives customers the freedom to view, manage, and pay invoices online.