Powerful Inventory Application that Helps to Manage and Control Sales

Do you want tо increase sales and keep track of moving every unit? With our powerful inventory management and control software, you will be able not only to track your inventory and increase sales but to grow your business.

We offer the inventory management software system that includes:

ServQuest™ desktop software and MiniMate™ mobile app allow companies to:

  • manage offline and online orders;
  • create and control purchase orders, backorders and drop shipments; 
  • create customized invoices and bills; 
  • manage serialized, lot and batch inventory types; 
  • keep track of every unit with the serial or lot number; 
  • use barcode scanning;
  • control over the expiration date for every batch; 
  • manage multiple warehouses; 
  • check stock level; 
  • synchronize inventory across multiple sales channels; 
  • integrate the inventory system with accounting software; 
  • automatically synchronize customer contacts, purchase orders, inventory, and other data and hold it in a single place; 
  • monitor the customer orders’ status and work orders’ status 
  • stay connected anytime and get real-time updates; 
  • collect customer payments at their locations; 
  • use a mobile scanner to perform inventory transactions.
ServQuest™ desktop software and MiniMate™ mobile app features

The main benefits of using the best inventory application and desktop software:

  • eliminating data entry errors; 
  • preventing stockouts and overstocks; 
  • improve inventory turnover; 
  • streamline inventory control tasks; 
  • improve inventory workflow;
  • increasing offline and online sales;
  • enhancing the number of permanent clients; 
  • increasing customers satisfaction; 
  • expanding the business; 
  • increasing the company’s income and profit.
benefits of using Prism VS's inventory application and desktop software