Benefits of Using the Prism’s Small Business Inventory Software System

Benefits of Using the Prism’s Small Business Inventory Software System

Having on the hand any time the right value of the inventory quantity is significant for any product-based small business. Having not enough inventories in the stock and your company will not meet your customers' demand; on another hand, having too much inventory can face issues of your cash flow. Therefore, our software company has developed special computer programs (desktop and mobile) that greatly improve inventory management and control processes. For many years we have been studying the companies’ needs and via using the newest technologies have developed a unique inventory software system that gives companies many benefits, regardless of their size.

The main advantages of using our small business inventory software system are:

Convenient tracking of inventory levels

Offered by us the inventory software system is much more manageable and effective than outdated techniques as enables using bar codes and wireless technology. Our easy to use system allows providing the inventory counts at any times. Whenever a sales manager or sales representative needs to know how much products or materials are available in the stock, they can have the needed information with a few clicks. In the case of need to know the product location in the storage, our inventory software the system pinpoints the whereabouts in seconds by entering some brief information.

Preventing product shortage and excess

Our small business inventory software system enables keeping the quantities of numerous goods in the right amount. To prevent mistakes, our developers have taken careful attention even to small details; as a result, our clients who use this system always have shelves stocked just right.

Efficient order fulfillment

Our inventory software system will automatically notify its users when products are getting low and need to be reordered, so they will be able to catch goods in time. As a result, organizations can always place customers' orders before them running out and, at the same time, their customers being able to get timely what they need.

Real-time tracking inventory levels

Developed by our professional team inventory management computer system is immediately updated every time when the company buys and sells products, so sales managers and sales representatives always have real-time information about the inventory levels.

small business inventory software system

Optimizing the organization of the warehouse

Speed is significant in providing good customer service. Provided by us inventory management software solution enables companies, even small business, move faster by improving their warehouses’ layout. It is possible to group similar products together and to place the popular products in ways that give easier access to them when orders come in.