Benefits of Using Prism VS’s Maintenance Software

benefits of using Prism's preventative maintenance software system.

Prism VS’s Preventative Maintenance Solution gives users a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Planning and scheduling. We offer invaluable tools that enable automating the equipment maintenance schedule without waiting when problems occur, and expensive repairs will be needed. ServQuest™ – an integral part of our preventative maintenance software solution – as an electronic route book helps to create both recurring schedules of preventative maintenance and emergency customer service. 
  • Effective work order management. Our software solution developed for facilities management and maintenance helps managers to improve workflow and increase employees' efficiency by optimizing such processes as scheduling, assigning, and closing work orders. 
  • Visual dispatching. Prism Dispatch™ – another integral part of our preventative maintenance software solution –allows managers easy plan the technicians' day’s work, adjust the schedule, and include emergency tickets as needed. 
  • Inventory managing. Our preventative maintenance software helps companies to organize their maintenance departments and manage their inventory, including spare parts. Automatic reordering of parts allows maintaining the right level of spare parts in the stocks or warehouses and perform repairs quickly without any delays. 
  • Enhancing service technicians' productivity. We provide the preventative maintenance software solution that includes the MiniMate™ mobile application for handheld mobile devices used out of the office. MiniMate™ enables maintenance technicians to have access to real-time information, check inventory located in multiple warehouses, initiate work orders, and fulfill them without calling or returning to the office. Equipped with all necessary instructions and details of parts, tools, and procedures, required to fulfill their job, maintenance technicians can work without interruption and delay. 
  • Tracking work orders and work time. The MiniMate™ mobile application enables real-time tracking work orders status and controlling their fulfillment at customer locations as well as tracking mobile technicians' location and work time. 
  • Reducing labor costs and overtime. Offered by us the preventative maintenance software system helps to cut the overtime by significantly reducing the necessity of emergency repairs. Moreover, maintenance technicians work more effectively in the case of scheduled service works. 
  • Eliminating paperwork. Using our preventative maintenance software that includes ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, MiniMate™, and Order Connector allows eliminating paperwork because our software captures and shares information automatically, and staff can view all needed data on computers or mobile devices as well as print it or send it by e-mails. Switch from reactive to proactive equipment maintenance, and you will not only extend the lifecycle of your equipment but reduce the operating costs of the facility maintenance too.