Benefits of Using Prism Dispatch™ Delivery Route Planner

Use Prism Dispatch™ software delivery route planning

Companies performing delivery sold or pre-ordered goods and services should always guarantee the timely delivery of the products or services to your customers. If a number of clients are not big, office managers or dispatchers can try to manually create a plan for deliveries. In the case of having the trucks fleet, many delivery drivers and clients, delivery orders in a timely manner is a complicated task that requires organizations using up-to-date technologies. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more delivery companies start to use different computer programs for organizing, planning, managing and controlling their everyday business activities.

The software delivery route planning is one of the most popular and commonly used computer programs because it enables fast and easy daily and multi-day delivery planning with advanced route optimization. And, our software company is a leader among other providers of the computer programs and mobile applications developed for companies performing deliveries.

Among other our software products we offer our clients the Prism Dispatch™ – a unique solution that includes both visual dispatching and delivery route planner with the map optimization. Faster deliveries with the less spends will become a reality for you as soon as you start to use the Prism Dispatch™.

The main benefits of using Prism Dispatch™ – the software delivery route planner:

  • reducing delivery costs; 
  • optimizing the multiple stops; 
  • ability to minimize the fleet of vehicles; 
  • safe arriving at the delivery destination; 
  • ability to serve more customers; 
  • tracking fleet vehicles and delivery drivers; 
  • decreasing the driver’s stress on the route.

Prism Dispatch™ can benefit:

  • distribution and deliveries; 
  • maintenance and service; 
  • commercial transportation; 
  • truck drivers; 
  • sales representatives; 
  • real estate agents and others.
Prism Dispatch - desktop software system.

Regardless of the Prism Dispatch™ is developed for companies specialized in the route sales, pre-order, delivery or equipment service, our delivery route planner can be beneficial for every business because allows creating optimized routes that reduce the traveled miles and allows to save the time and fuels and repair costs.