Benefits of Using Prism’s Contact Center Software

Improved contact center software = Better relationships with customers = More sales

Characteristics of the Prism VS contact center software

Prism’s contact center software helps companies to provide a seamless experience across every channel and touchpoint without missing a beat.

Mobile, email, SMS, social, inbound and outbound voice, agent-assisted conversations – all that are necessary for driving personalized interactions.

Use Prism’s contact center software to:

  • Build better relationships with your customers via more ways to interact. 
  • Let your customers choose the way of interaction. 
  • Give your clients the help they need whenever they need it. 
  • Provide more services with less hassle.

The latest technologies of customer engagement enable improving customer service, boosting customer satisfaction, and increasing sales.

The main characteristics of our call center software are:

  • easy to install and use;
  • the first-class operational reliability; 
  • ability to be easily modified;
  • simply integration with CRM, accounting, and other software;
  • lower overall costs.

Benefits of using Prism’s inbound and outbound call center software:

  • advanced routing – to eliminate transferring callers; 
  • monitoring capabilities – to achieve the maximum potential of agents; 
  • automated workflows – to reduce the average handle time;
  • improved data access – to increase chances for resolution of the first contact;
  • customized reporting – to provide efficient analysis;
  • automated outbound calls – to drive high-touch campaigns; 
  • security – to protect customer data; 
  • centralized management – to streamline administration; 
  • qualified support – to increase customer satisfaction; 
  • data collecting – to improve forecasting; 
  • instantly responding – to meet the changing needs of the business; 
  • personalized touch – to improve the customer experience; 
  • great accountability – to centralize the database; 
  • easy to use – to minimize software training time.