Benefits of Using Prism’s Call Accounting Software

Benefits of using the call accounting software system

The main purpose of the call accounting software developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. is improving your business productivity and increasing your company's revenue. Mainly, we have designed our call accounting system for companies performing route sales, orders delivery, pre-sale, and equipment service, but it can be used by other organizations too.

Prism’s call accounting is the integrated part of our ServQuest™ desktop package – a comprehensive route management solution. As any provided by us software, call accounting system can be easily customized and is a reliable and flexible solution for all call needs of your business. It detects inbound and outbound calls, abandoned calls, call routings, and other call center activities.

Benefits of using our call accounting software for small, medium, and large businesses:

  • easy to use, do not require special knowledge
  • availability of the inbound and outbound call centers
  • call center scheduling
  • the high quality of every interaction with customers
  • access to the client information
  • customers call history
  • tracking the call activity throughout the day
  • tracking emergency calls
  • reducing unnecessary costs
  • providing more personalized service
  • improving reporting and financial forecasts
  • increasing operators and salespeople efficiency
  • conduct effective business planning
  • growing sales and fulfilled services
  • increasing customers’ satisfaction
  • improving business productivity and minimizing productivity losses
  • ability to fit the growing business
  • easy customization
  • integration with accounting systems
  • providing security
ServQuest™ call center software

If you want to improve the connectivity, optimize your staff performance, increase your company’s productivity and customers’ satisfaction, don’t lose your time and contact us today. Our ServQuest™ will provide your company with the front-end to many functions call center and in addition, will help you to monitor and report provided call center activity.