Benefits of Sales Management Software Provided by Prism Visual Software for Small, Middle-Sized and Large Organizations 

Benefits of Sales Management Software Provided by Prism

Any sales management software has to be a reliable tool that helps managers to streamline sales processes provided by their companies, motivate their sales representatives, manage their sales teams and teams’ sale activities.

The sales management system developed by Prism Visual Software, Inc. is designed especially for sales managers and route sales representatives with the purpose to give salespeople tools that enable them to make their job efficiently. Therefore, our sales solution includes tools and features that really help sell teams to work more effectively and increase their companies' profits by selling more in less time and with the tools and features that are geared toward sales management:

  • Access data anytime from anywhere.
  • Complete contact information.
  • Email, phone, and chat on one platform.
  • Real-time notifications.
  • Record across the customer lifecycle.

For any organization performing route sales, using our sales management software provides a wide range of benefits such as:

Access to the sales history information.

Thus, sales representatives can identify products providing the most revenue and promise on the whole and for each individual customer. At the same time, sales managers have the ability to filter out the less promising goods and prioritize commodities.

Effective inventory management.

Up-to-date information about materials and products available in the storage or/and warehouse helps sales managers to offer existing goods to the company's most profitable clients and make decisions about new deals.

Individual selling price.

Automatic promotions and discount calculation allow up and down-the-street pricing for every customer and item. So, to enhance the chances of closing the deal, the route sales teams can offer unique promotions and packages to each customer.

Prism VS's sales management software

Easy to use the system.

The intuitive interface, quick access to data, a collection of store stamps, scan sheets, availability to collect signatures and payments, print to a mobile printer, or email invoices with equipment terms and conditions, and other features allow making a route sales representative’s job more simple.

Availability of customizable options.

Our sales management solution can be easily customized to meet the particular company's requirements and needs. So, you will be able, for example, to can prepare unique sales data for each of your route sales representatives for enhancing his/her effectiveness and, as a result, to achieve your enterprise's competitive and profit goals.

These are only a few advantages you will have in the case of using our desktop and mobile applications developed for sales managers and route sales representatives. Start to use Prism’s sales management software to expand your customer base and to improve your revenue and conversion ratios.