Barcode Scanning Software Capabilities

barcode scanning software solution

If your company has the inventory to manage regardless of its size, a barcode inventory system can help you radically increase the efficiency of your employees in the simple but important ways, and, as a result, save money in all areas of your business.

A typical barcode inventory system consists of:

  • Hardware: barcode printers and barcode scanners. 
  • Software that runs on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Hardware and software must be fully compatible with each other to prevent miscommunication between them.

Some barcode software lets only to create and print barcode labels. Such software does not provide inventory management features. If you need order and inventory management capabilities, you should consider a more robust barcode scanning software.

Prism VS's barcode scanning software solution provides:

  • Creating, printing, and scanning barcodes – attaching a barcode to any received item to the warehouse or stock helps quickly identifying items in inventory by scanning barcodes.
  • Shipping and receiving goods – Scanning barcodes during the picking process allows speedily ship items. Checking received numbers with the purchase order allows ensuring receiving the right items. In the case of receiving damaged items or not the right products, you can begin the procedure of reconciliation to get ordered goods and do not overpay. 
  • Counting inventory – The easiest and most accurate way to check the current quantity of any product is scanning the item barcodes. 
  • Managing customer orders and reorders – Scanning barcodes makes much easier a process for customer orders managing. Setting up the automatic reorder points allows being immediately informed via text message or email when it becomes necessary to reorder products and avoiding shortages. 
  • Tracking products across multiple locations – Scanning a barcode in one location does not limit the location the current product is. It is also possible to check the quantities of the particular item in other warehouses and stores and make a decision about whether it is needed to transfer some items between locations. 
  • Reporting – Complex and correct reports of current and historical data give the full picture of the company's status and results of its business activity. Analysis of the statistical data helps to forecast future company's demands and make better business decisions. 
  • Integrating with the accounting system – Any changes in the barcode inventory software system will be sent directly to the accounting software to record correctly in the general ledger, appropriate invoices, and other generated documents. Improving your business is in your hand. Make the right decision.