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Prism Visual Software Wins Further Awards and Favorable Mention in the Press

Port Washington, N.Y.-April 7, 2003. Success keeps Prism Visual Software's vertical applications for the field force automation industry in the press. On a roll winning awards, Prism Visual Software - a developer of wireless software solutions for the field force industry-has recently gained recognition for its product MiniMate, a handheld software solution for the routing and delivery industry, from PDA Planet Magazine, which gave the company the "2002 Planet PDA Product of the Year" award. PDA Planet Magazine is one of the leading publications on handheld productivity solutions for the mobile enterprise. The award confirms that Prism Visual Software-also recognized by publications such as Computerworld magazine and Accounting Technology-offers quality software and services for the field force automation industry.

Yet this is not the only award given to Prism Visual Software's vertical applications in the first quarter of 2003. The software company also received an award from Softline AccountMate which recognizes Prism with the 2003 "Vertical Solutions Partner In Recognition of Superior Achievement" award. Softline AccountMate, located in California, is a long-time business partner of Prism Visual Software. Prism's field force automation software integrates seamlessly with Softline AccountMate's accounting software.

In addition to these awards, Prism Visual Software appears in the March 31-issue of Business Week which features a section on recent developments in the latest software technology area. A section on "Wireless Connectivity for the Field Force Industry" elaborates on the benefits of cutting-edge routing and dispatching software. A mobile data solution allows field force personnel to:
  • Manage routes more efficiently, to deliver products and services more quickly.
  • Digitally connect the warehousing process with the loading and returning of trucks.
  • Access customer information on the road.
  • Print signature-captured invoices at customer locations.
  • Correct delivery orders and notes on the road.
  • Integrate information captured electronically in the field with the back-end system.
Prism's MS-.NET platform provides connectivity between the office and the road and is key for field-force companies to grow without adding new staff. Greater efficiency and ROI are the rewards of an operation that relies on outstanding field force automation software.

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For further information on the section in Business Week, check the subscription March 31, 2003 issue, distributed in the North East of the USA.

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