Automate Your Field Service Business with the Best Route Accounting Software

Prism VS's route accounting system includes desktop, mobile, and web applications

Discover how other field service companies from your industry are streamlining their businesses with Prism’s complete and, at the same time, easy-to-use route accounting software solution.

We have developed the full-featured route accounting software system that provides:

  • full capabilities of sales and returns;
  • support for multiple types of products and services; 
  • full scheduling and dispatching capabilities; 
  • all functionality necessary for inventory managing and inventory levels control; 
  • flexible pricing for products and services; 
  • automatically calculating the promotions and discounts;
  • taking customers orders during non-business hours via the Web Store and Web Equipment Service;

  • connection with customers by phone calls, e-mail, social accounts, and web store; 
  • collecting and organizing the customer information in a centralized, secure database;
  • history of customer orders, item purchases, sales, and work orders; 
  • tracking the status of work tickets and customer orders; 
  • tracking the time needed for reaching places (customer locations) and the time necessary for completing a job (customer service); 
  • placing customer orders online from any desktop computer or mobile device; 
  • mobility the field workers with the MiniMate™ mobile application designed for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices running on the Android operating system platform; 
  • route-map optimization and connection with Google Maps; 
  • integration with Microsoft Dynamic, QuickBooks, SAP, Sage, and AccountMate software systems.

We offer the route accounting software solution that enables:

  • reducing labor hours needed for fulfilling planned work orders and serving extra clients without additional work hours;
  • eliminating paper-work and decreasing time spent on administrative tasks; 
  • reducing the data entry, pricing, and other types of errors;
  • increasing accuracy in the work of each employee and the entire company; 
  • increasing cash flow and reducing debts by accepting online payments via Web Bill Pay;
  • improving the level of customer service;
  • increasing clients' satisfaction; 
  • analyzing the company's performance and forecasting future diamonds with the customized reports; 
  • increasing the competitiveness of the field service company by streamlining the most time-consuming tasks, and more.
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