Advantages of Using the Prism Visual Software’s Dispatching Solution

Prism's dispatching software solution includes desktop and mobile packages.

Prism Visual Software Inc. – a leading provider of the computerized solutions for companies performing route sales, delivery, and different field service, offers a wide range of software solutions, including the unique two-part dispatching system that includes:

Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ can be used as stand-alone solutions. 

Used together Prism Dispatch™ and MiniMate™ incorporate into the workflow allowing centralized information to be accessed by dispatchers via desktops and by drivers via mobile devices.

Prism VS's dispatching system is fully integrated with the ServQuest™ route management software solution - the powerful field service management software system.

Using our dispatching software system gives our customer a number of benefits:

  • With the Prism Dispatch™ software, dispatchers and managers have quick access to the status of the customer and work orders (tickets), field workers (drivers, service technicians and engineers, route sales representatives, and other), vehicles (trucks, trailers, and other carriers). 
  • Our dispatching software solution provides the company’s dispatchers and field workers with the computerized programs they need to fulfill their job in an efficient way. 
  • Planning the day’s work, adjusting the schedule as needed, including emergency tickets to the work orders are easy with the Prism Dispatch™ software system. 
  • The Prism Dispatch™ software allows creating optimized routes with multiple stops. Delivery goods and services on optimized routes allow eliminating the unnecessary miles and expenses on fuel, completing more stops and servicing more customers with fewer resources. 
  • The office personnel always know where each vehicle is, what drivers are available, and how customer orders are fulfilled (on schedule or behind schedule). Dispatchers have full control over the customer orders and always know which orders are scheduled, dispatched, completed, and overdue. 
  • The technologies we use in our dispatch software solution enable providing unprecedented visibility and insight into the company’s business activity and allows making the right decisions by the office staff (managers and dispatchers). 
  • The field employees always have the real-time information they need (customer locations, driving instructions, current equipment, and others) from their mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, and others). 
  • Eliminating the paperwork and manual calculations allow companies to perform the field service without the need for additional office personnel. 
  • The MiniMate™ mobile application enables sending the last-minute orders and changes in schedules to the smartphones and tablets used by mobile workers. 
  • A standalone database on the handheld devices allows field staff to service customers anywhere with or without the internet connection. 
  • Easy customization to meet the company’s specific needs and requirements. 
  • The work history and job documentation reduce multiple visits to the same customers. 
 dispatching software system
  • Integration our dispatch software with the company’s accounting system enables collecting the information that flows from different sources such as dispatchers, field workers, warehouse employees, business managers, and others in the single place and creating financial reports involved all aspects of the business process.