Advantages of Using the Prism Dispatch™ Route Planner

Benefits of using the Prism Dispatch™ computerized route planner

If your business is concerned with deliveries products or services and you don’t want your drivers to waste their work time in vain, contact us as soon as possible. We can offer you the best delivery route planner software you can find on the market. Our company is specialized in developing software solutions for organizations performing deliveries, route sales, and equipment service. For more than twenty years, we have been studying problems of such businesses and therefore, know well their needs, difficulties and weak spots.

Your drivers cannot work optimally if you don’t create the optimal routes for them. Offered by us Prism Dispatch™ is more than only route map optimization software as includes the visual dispatching too. So, by making only one purchase, you will receive two software solutions: the route planner and dispatch board solutions.

The sooner you start to use our Prism Dispatch™ the sooner:

  • your delivery costs will not include expenses caused by ineffective driving routes that include many unneeded miles;
  • your delivery drivers, route sales representatives and/or equipment service technicians will be able to complete the optimal amount of jobs (deliveries, sales, and services) every day;
  • your customers will be satisfied due to not long waiting times. We understand that you can have some doubts about the veracity of our words, especially if you had a bad experience before.

These are only one way, you should make sure by yourself that finding the optimal delivery routes with the multiple stops can be quick and easy. Contact us, and our implementation consultants will explain to you how our program works and how it can be used for your business needs.

The main advantages of using the Prism Dispatch™ route planner:

  • eliminating the unnecessary backtracking and driving in circles; 
  • cutting transportation costs needed for performing the deliveries products and services; 
  • planning the optimal daily, weekly and monthly delivery routes with the multiple stops; 
  • increasing the capacity of each delivery truck from the fleet of the vehicles;
  • ability to make changes in the delivery plan for the emergency calls and last-minute customer requests; 
  • easy customization to the individual business needs; 
  • integration with the customer database, other our software products and most used accounting software systems, including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and AccountMate;
  • increasing client satisfaction and the company’s efficiency and profitability.
Prism Dispatch™ route planner