Advantages of using the MiniMate™ Mobile Field Service Application

MiniMate mobile field service application.

In the ever-changing economic atmosphere, it is decisive that your business complies the industry's requirements. For years our company has been working on software products for organizations performing field sales and field service and today can offer easy-to-use computer programs and mobile applications that allow such businesses to streamline their field business processes.

Our professional software team has designed each computer program and mobile application in the way to enable its integration with the client's company aspects, including growing. We have been developing not only desktop software products but mobile applications too. With the proud, we can offer our award-winning mobile field service application – MiniMate™ – that is recognized by all our current clients who use the MiniMate™ mobile application in their everyday activities.

Using our MiniMate™ mobile field service application provides a wide range of advantages:

  • MiniMate™ integrates with other our computer programs, including ServQuest™ and Prism Dispatch™ desktop software packages. 
  • MiniMate™ integrates with other third-party products, including GPS, Google Maps, accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage, AccountMate, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and others. 
  • MiniMate™ allows mobile workers and field employees to be informed about work orders and equipped with all information necessary for the fulfillment of their work orders. At the beginning of the working day, the field personnel (delivery drivers, service technicians, route sales representatives, and other) receives on their handheld devices the latest information about their daily work orders for service requests. 
  • MiniMate™ enables automatical uploading the last-minute orders and changes in the schedule. 
  • Standalone database on the handheld devices provided by MiniMate™ allows field workers to service customers at their locations even without the Internet connection. 
  • MiniMate™ allows eliminating the phone calls and, as a result, to increase the effectiveness of the mobile workers and field employees. 
  • MiniMate™ enables using Google Maps for driving on the optimized routes that allows companies to decrease unnecessary mileages and reduce their business costs on fuel and employees’ working time. 
  • MiniMate™ allows automatical tracking the mobile and field employees location and working time. 
  • MiniMate™ enables using the barcode system to inventory control. 
  • MiniMate™ enables updating and managing inventory and field assets with real-time visibility. 
  • MiniMate™ enables collecting customer payments and signatures and creating reports. 
  • MiniMate™ allows customers to receive the products and services at the right time.
MiniMate™ mobile field service application advantages

Start to use the MiniMate™ mobile field service software solution, and you will never miss "a beat."