Advantages of Using Prism VS’s Route Accounting Software Small Business

Use Prism's route accounting small business for better results.

Are you looking for a route accounting software solution for your small business?

Before purchasing, every small business owner should take into account:

  • which advantages the route accounting software system provides; 
  • whether the route accounting software meets your company's business needs; 
  • whether the route accounting software system is easily customized to your business needs; 
  • whether the route accounting software solution integrates with your accounting system; 
  • the price of the route accounting software solution.

Our company offers the route accounting software small business solution that includes both the desktop (ServQuest™) and mobile (MiniMate™) packages for using not only in the office but in the field too.

Advantages of using Prism VS's route accounting software small business solution:

  • helps to organize the business activity of operators, dispatchers, route sales representatives, drivers, and service technicians in an effective way; 
  • quick access to the real-time data anytime from anywhere; 
  • tracking the customer and work orders' status;
  • ability to use various pricing configurations and managing the specific customer prices; 
  • generating customized invoices; 
  • creating purchase and sales orders; 
  • creating a list of areas served by the company; 
  • powerful dispatching tools; 
  • tracking mobile employees’ work time and location; 
  • warehouse management and inventory levels control; 
  • barcode scanning; 
  • ability to generate work tickets weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly; 
  • history of sales and customer purchase orders; 
  • schedule recurring calls to customers; 
  • the mobile invoicing system accepting all forms of payments; 
  • integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, QuickBooks, and other accounting software systems; 
  • quick access to the financial and other reports;
  • managing and controlling business expenses; 
  • ability to serve customers even without the Internet connection; 
  • gives the full picture of the business reality; 
  • real-time visibility of business activities; 
  • automates the most business processes and decreases the labor costs; 
  • helps to increase employees’ productivity and improve customer service, and more.
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