Advantages of Using Prism VS’s Delivery Software

Main advantages of using the delivery service software solution

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed desktop and mobile applications that are grouped into three packages:

and involve delivery software along with the route sales software solution, pre-order software solution, and equipment service software solution. Each our desktop and mobile app provides features necessary to your business for generating new opportunities that were not possible for your company without Prism’s delivery software.

All feathers can be divided into four groups:

  • Features for owners and managers
  • Features for dispatchers
  • Features for sales representatives and delivery drivers
  • Features for customers

Main advantages of using our delivery service solution:

  • Organizing managers, dispatchers, sales representatives, and drivers.
  • Ability to easy create correct customers’ orders.
  • Automatically generating invoices and posting payments.
  • Direct access to dispatching tools, personal address books, and order history.
  • Possibility of working in our delivery service system with or without an Internet connection.
  • Vehicles management and tracking, including their required maintenance.
  • Creating a list of areas that are served by your company.
  • Real-time information about the status of any order.
  • Reassign packages to different drivers, proving of delivery, canceling orders.
Prism VS’s Delivery Software
  • Configuring routes and scheduled deliveries and indicating where and when a sales representative or driver will be during certain periods.
  • Using different pricing configurations, individual for each customer and storing the specific customer's contracted rates.
  • Availability of the customer's contact information, preferences, and order history with your company.
  • Quick access to the data of any order and shipment and possibility to view, locate, and edit new information.
  • Having reports and results in real-time.
  • Comprehensive and easy integration to the most popular accounting software.
  • Real-time information about your drivers and communication between dispatcher and drivers.

It is not a full list of advantages your company will have in the case of using our delivery computer programs. Integrating our packages to your software system is fast and easy. Via real-time access to your data from anywhere, you will always have a full picture of your business activity and its every little detail.