Advantages of Using Prism’s CMMS

Benefits of using Prism Visual Software's CMMS

Offered by us CMMS includes the variety of computer programs covering equipment service company's main activities, including:

  • inventory management and control; 
  • planning, scheduling, and dispatching the equipment service; 
  • generating, managing and tracking work orders; 
  • operating multiple customers and warehouse locations; 
  • creating optimized routes for delivery drivers and service technicians; 
  • providing the mobile application for handheld devices to be used outside of the office; 
  • providing specialized capabilities; 
  • integration with other software systems used by organizations, and other.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed for companies performing equipment service the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) – ServQuest™ comprehensive and intuitive software package. The uniqueness of the CMMS designed by our professional software team consists in the integrated approach to solving the maintenance tasks associated with facility equipment.

Such comprehensive approach to equipment maintenance gives users of our CMMS some advantages, including:

  • increasing the understanding of your organization; 
  • tracking served equipment in multiple locations; 
  • maintaining the maintenance inventory at the right level; 
  • scheduling the planned and preventative maintenance; 
  • generating tickets for required works in a prioritized order; 
  • tracking work orders and failures; 
  • increasing the productivity of the mobile workforce; 
  • improving safety and risk management; 
  • eliminating the paperwork; 
  • providing work orders' feedback information; 
  • having the quick reporting for analysis and forecasting; 
  • providing the efficient maintenance staff management; 
  • reducing downtime and overtime, repair and total business costs; 
  • having access to the equipment service history; 
  • using the latest and proven software technologies; 
  • integration with accounting and others software systems used by the company; 
  • easy customization with the purpose to meet the company’s business needs and requirements; 
  • enhancing the company’s productivity; 
  • increasing customers satisfaction, and more.
Prism Visual Software has developed the computerized maintenance management system - CMMS - computer software to help companies simplify their maintenance management. The Prism's computerized maintenance management system - CMMS - provides a wide range of capabilities that help to simplify such important business processes as:
  • inventory management
  • asset management
  • work order management
In other words, our CMMS allows to document and manage all main aspects of the company's maintenance operations. Using our CMMS can help organizations to keep functioning of their assets, to manage the processes and people, to maintain the compliant and safe environment, to control the business costs.
  • Keeping assets functioning with the help of the CMMS software: ensuring the availability of equipment, extending the asset life, improving the quality, expanding production.
  • Managing people and processes by using the CMMS software: organizing the activities, scheduling the labor force, increasing the staff productivity, managing the vendors and customers.
  • Controlling the business costs with the CMMS: reducing the maintenance costs, decreasing the spares and parts, manage warranty.
  • Maintaining a safe workplace with the CMMS software: managing documents, establishing procedures, tracking incidents.
Any company regardless of its size uses some kind of maintenance software. Small organizations use some basic solutions such as the work order software, large corporations need more complex solutions and use CMMS software. Our CMMS can be used by managers to assist them in performing the management of their maintenance activities. Offered by us CMMS is more complex than a system that enables receiving the work requests or managing repairs only.