Advantages of Using Multiple Stop Route Planning System Offered by Prism Visual Software, Inc.

Prism Visual Software's multiple stop route planner gives companies a wide range of advantages.

Our company is a leading provider of the software solutions specially developed for organizations performing route sales, pre-order, deliveries and/or equipment service. We know how it is difficult

to create an effective plan for deliveries that takes into account all business aspects and customers’ requirements. Therefore, we have built for our clients a complex software solution, namely the effective multiple stop planner that consists of two software products:

Our multiple stop route planner benefits organizations use this system as well as organizations’ customers.

Advantages of using Prism VS’s multiple stop route planning software:

For companies:
  • optimizing the delivery and sales route with multiple stops for each vehicle from the fleet; 
  • automatically tracking the route sales representatives, delivery drivers and service technicians location and time; 
  • preventing deliveries to "stop service" customers and non-paying customers;
  • reducing delivery and route sales costs; 
  • serving more customers for the same time and with the less amount of used vehicles; 
  • increasing customer satisfaction and the organization’s profitability, and more.
For delivery drivers, service technicians, and route sales representatives:
  • ability to use the driving instructions to the customer locations with Google Maps; 
  • collecting signatures and payments at customer locations; 
  • ability to work without the Internet connection; 
  • automatic calculation of promotions, discounts, and taxes; 
  • decreasing the stress on the route; 
  • enabling the paperless via a mobile application for handheld devices, and more.
 Prism VS’s multiple stop route planning software
  • being equipped with all necessary information, including delivery and/or sale instructions, customers contact and location information, account balances, invoices, sales history and more; 
multiple stop route planning
For customers:
  • receiving bought or pre-ordered products or services at the time; 
  • tracking the status of the purchase; 
  • paying for delivered goods or service at the customer location, and more.

Do you need a tool that can:

  • help operators to dispatch vehicles towards multiple locations, 
  • automatically determine the most effective route, 
  • help drivers and dispatchers communicate about changes or delays while on the go?

Prism VS’s multiple stop route planning software is what are you looking for!