Advantages of Prism Visual Software’s Route Manager

ServQuest, Prism Dispatch, MiniMate - the route manager software system

In today’s ever-changing business atmosphere, it is critical that your company remains in compliance with the industry's requirements. With our easy-to-use software products, you can be sure that your company or business will never miss "a beat". For more than 20 years Prism Visual Software, Inc. route management solutions provides quality and reliability of the delivery, route sales and equipment service industries. Our route manager software products guarantee reliable control over daily delivery and equipment service operations. Our clients have a possibility to improve their profitability and to grow their businesses.

We have designed our software in the way to enable you to build on and integrate all your company aspects, including its growing; and, offered by us route managing programs are not exclusions. You will not find the route manager that is more completed than which one we are providing.

The main advantages of Prism VS’s route manager software:

  • automatic scheduling and route planning;
  • quickly creating the most efficient routes for delivery drivers and service technicians;
  • reducing mileage and business expenses on delivering products and services;
  • accurate job costing when calculating routes: fixed and per-mile, labor, overtime, etc.;
  • access to the real-time data;
  • emergency dispatching;
  • automatically tracking the delivery drivers’ location and time;
  • improving employees’ and business efficiency;
  • providing amazing customer service.

Our route managing software consists of:

  • ServQuest™ desktop software package that includes an electronic route book enabling scheduling customer servicing for delivering products and services.
  • Prism Dispatch™ – dispatching and route map optimization software included in the ServQuest™ package.
  • MiniMate™ mobile application for smartphones, tablets and handheld devices.
Prism Visual Software’s route manager

Start to use our route manager and you will not guess which driver or technician needs to be sent, when and on which route. All that you or your managers need to do is to enter the required information about your customers and their purchases; all the rest our program will calculate for you automatically. Manual route planning cannot compete with the modern computer technologies, and if you want to keep up with the times and have a competitive business that will grow from year to year, don’t spend time and contact us today. Our sales managers will give you full information about our route managing software as well as show you what opportunities our software can bring into your company and what changes in your business you should wait after starting to use our route manager.