Advantages of Prism’s Sales Automation Software

Advantages of the Prism's sales automation software solution

Provided by us sales software allows to:

  • Automate the day-to-day business activities; therefore, your staff, including sales team members, will be able to focus on the core activities, not on maintaining data.
  • Save time spent on manual work and decrease expenses.
  • Make the sales team’s job simpler by easy using and providing quick access to data.
  • Prioritize the business tasks to determine what products or services should be sold first.
  • See business prospects to know what goods and services can be sold faster and can help to grow your business.
  • Concentrate on the most productive and profitable sales.
  • Expand the customer base.
  • Communicate with your customers via phone, email, social media, and within their accounts on your website.
  • Track your company's sales activities and have full visibility of your sales cycle.
  • Integrate your sales management system with other desktop and mobile applications to be able to see a full picture of your business process and create scalable and/or customized business solutions. 
  • Have a comprehensive real-time view of all your sales activities. 
  • Attach the developed by us website that is designed as a toolkit and functions as a portal to existing customers enabling customers to submit new orders, download past invoices, and to check the orders’ status 
  • Make each customer call more personal and productive. 
  • Stay connected and up-to-date with your sales personnel wherever they go. Our MiniMate™ mobile application gives your route sales representatives access to real-time data and enables sales activity on handheld devices, including smartphones and tablets operating the Android operating system. 
  • Forecast sales and reduce risks. Tracking the actual sales against assigned quotas and analysis of the sales history allows managers and analysts to make a conclusion about a perspective on different parameters such as what revenue can be expected from a particular salesperson or for a given time, and other.
  • Provide effective inventory management. 
  • Calculate the returns from each product/service. That gives you information about what products/services are most useful and effective for you and allows your business to save money spent on less effective products/services and focus on the lucrative ones. 
  • Perform all their tasks by your marketers, sales managers and agents, and customer service representatives more efficient that lead to increased sales.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers the unique, easy-to-use and intuitive sales automation software that can be used by small businessе as well as by big companies.
 MiniMate™ mobile sales software