Prism Visual Software's Add-on Solutions: Outbound and Inbound Call Center

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Do you want to reduce resolution time for customer support calls and gain more sales deals? Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers inbound and outbound call center software that allows companies to improve interactions with their customers and pass ahead of their competitors.

Prism VS's call center software features allow:

  • Be prepared for every call.
  • Provide smooth high-quality support.
  • Better understand customer needs.
  • Demonstrate team professionalism.
  • Increase operators' efficiency.
  • Improve customer interactions.
  • optimize caller experience.
  • Make better decisions.

Call Center Software Overview:

Inbound Call Center

 Inbound Call Center

The customer Inbound Call Center tracks customer calls coming into the office. This add-on module enables clients call representatives to perform their tasks such as responding to all billing and other inquiries, taking orders, canceling service or delivery orders, creating service tickets, and sending emails to a supervisor or a driver (via beeper of internet device).

The Inbound Call Center tracks the duration of each call and collects data that can be printed at the end of a day or for a range of dates. Reports list of the calls for the day is also available with sort options such as reasons for the call or the action taken or required.
Inbound Call Center collects data

Outbound Call Center

                                                                Call Center

The Outbound Call Center links operators to customers that are on a tickler file to be called. The outbound center assists in taking orders, scheduling services, and reminding customers about past due amounts or any other reason to call customers on a regular basis. When users press “Place Order” or “No order”, the particular call is removed from the grid because it has been dealt with.

The Outbound Call Center serves as a front-end to many other route management functions of Prism VS’s software. It facilitates efficient, reliable, and quick calls from the office to the customer base.
Outbound Call Center facilitates

This essential add-on module could be effective for every delivery and field service company as can help in their daily business activities.

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