Prism Visual Software's Add-on Solutions: MiniSurvey


Businesses across all industries conduct surveys because surveys are the most reliable method to collect data and uncover answers to specific, important questions.

Questions vary depending on what the goal of the particular survey is and how the collected data will be applied. Anyway, questions should be strategically planned and structured in the best possible way with an eye to receive the most accurate data.

A few tips for survey questions:

  • ask for only need-to-know information
  • group the similar questions together
  • create industry-specific questions
  • avoiding clashing or hard-to-read questions
  • avoid question misinterpretation
  • be consistent

MiniSurvey Overview:

  • Prism Visual Sofware’s MiniSurvey gives routing personnel the ability to design service-specific or industry-specific surveys and questionnaires to be conducted on the PDAs.
  • Routing managers creatively develop and amend surveys, checklists, inspection or testing questionnaires, merchandizing surveys for sales and service technicians.
  • The collected data from the field helps service or sales management to more efficiently control unique business processes and so to improve quality control and customer satisfaction.
  • The module integrates with MiniMate, Prism Visual Software's mobile solution for delivery and service companies.

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