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GIS Mapping module

The GIS Mapping module enables dispatchers and operators to optimize the routes for the day.

Dispatchers and operators are able to determine the date range and selected drivers needed for the mapping. Screens display maps showing the various routes in green lines, allowing additional changes and providing the additional information from these tabs: Filter Tickets, Reload Tickets, Directions, Optimize, Update Tickets, Planner On, and Options.
Determine the date range
Choose new dates and drivers

The tabs enable users to choose new dates and drivers, to load automatically the tickets in the selected range, and to inform about the reloading success.

The tabs include detailed explanations on the driving directions for each day related to the selected range of dates, and they optimize routes automatically.
driving directions
Updating tickets automatically

Tickets are updated automatically with the confirmation updates on a pop-up screen.

Dispatchers and operators receive information on directions and are able to set up the average duration of each stop or to sort the tickets by start time and other route information.

This GIS module can be helpful for every delivery and field service company. 

Dispatch Board | MiniSurvey | Outbound and Inbound Call Center | Route Accounting Software

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