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Dispatch Board

Prism Dispatch™ developed by Prism Visual Software is dispatching and route map optimization software. A dispatch board provided by Prism Dispatch™ is a graphical representation of the work order assignments for drivers, service technicians, or other field workers over a certain period of time.

All operations on one screen allow:

  • to resolve scheduling conflicts,
  • to streamline day-to-day operations,
  • to escalate high-priority work,
  • to optimize employees' work time,
  • to focus on better loads,
  • to achieve a bigger profit.

Prism Dispatch™ enables creating multiple boards, each with its own set of filters, and quickly navigating between them. Custom views, color code, drag and drop, and live progress create only a shortlist of tools that help to help manage jobs.

Dispatch Board Overview:

Dispatch Board

The software module, Dispatch Board, enables dispatchers to optimize the routes of the day and allows them to define the particularities of timing the delivery. It includes daily, weekly, and monthly display options, and it is color-coded. Tickets are automatically assigned to the dispatch board during the process of generating tickets.

The dispatch board allows users to move drivers and their jobs to available time slots. Users may change assigned drivers by dragging the image to their desired spot. The dispatch board is completely flexible and responsive to a user’s maneuvers.

When a dispatcher right-clicks on top of a color-code area, a scheduled delivery can be dragged to another driver. Depending on the particular needs of the users, they can organize the dispatch board by route, driver, emergency status, or crew.

dispatching board

Daily display of the  Dispatch Board

The daily display of the dispatching board looks like the screen below. The columns on the top present the names of the drivers. The columns on the left list the hours of the day.

The weekly display appears when a user clicks on the top left weekly of the dispatch screen. In this display, the top columns show the days of the week and the left columns list the hours of the day. All drivers or a specific driver can be displayed.
Weekly display of 
                                                                                                                                                    the Dispatch Board

Monthly display of the  Dispatch Board

The monthly display gives an overview of a driver’s activities for the entire selected month.

Prism VS’s Dispatch Board is an attractive, reliable, and time-saving way to dispatch your drivers and technicians!
Prism Visual Software Dispatch Board

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