Prism Visual Software's Add-on Solutions: Route Accounting Software

Route Accounting Software
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Prism Visual Software, Inc. provides a route accounting software system that coordinates warehouse, inventory, and sales processes to ensure a survey of the work process and to drive operational efficiencies. Our route accounting solution integrates seamlessly with common off-the-shelf accounting software packages to ensure visibility into business operations and to control process flow at the company level.

The main features of Prism VS’s route accounting software

workday planning
Workday Planning
Planning workday with taking into account employees' skills, available resources, and prioritize deliveries to eliminate overdue deliveries. 

dispatching software
Coordination drivers' availability, skill, and travel time, flexible management of drivers in the field to fulfill timely deliveries with fewer resources.

route optimization
Route Optimization
Creating optimized routes with multiple stops at customer locations allows for reducing business costs and increase drivers’ efficiency.

Creating and maintaining schedules for drivers, route sales representatives, equipment technicians.

route complince
Route Compliance
GPS tracking, geofencing, and time stamping for ensuring adherence to planned routes.

Pre/Post Trip Surveys
Pre/Post-Trip Surveys
Capturing driver health data, truck, and goods conditions to increase drivers’ safety and improve customer service.

warehouse management
Warehouse Management
Effective managing single and/or multiple warehouses to provide real-time visibility into inventory.

inventory management
Inventory Control
Inventory level control to prevent out-of-stock and over-stock situations and improve customer service.

Payment Collection
Payment Collection
Collecting payments via cash, checks, or credit cards on the route and at customer locations.

Barcoding to enable reducing wasted time spent on looking for inventory, strengthening visibility and tracking inventory, and control stock levels.

Proof of Delivery
Proof of Delivery
Collecting delivery confirmations by capturing customer signatures, making photographs at destinations, and GPS coordinates.

Back Office Connection
Back-Office Connection
Connection with the office to support the mobile staff's day-to-day work and enable keeping data relevant, consistent, and up-to-date.

tracking vehicle location
Tracking vehicle location and driver work time to improve field employees’ productivity and increase their safety. 

integration third-party software
Integration with third-party software to get a unified software system with all needed features and a single database.

Reporting and historical data to collect and submit the information needed for accurate analysis and forecasting.

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