Prism  Visual Software's  Solutions

Prism Visual Software offers mobile, web, and desktop delivery software solutions that allow increasing productivity of route sales, delivery, equipment, and other field services.

Today, offered by us computer programs can be grouped into five main packages:

ServQuest™ desktop software

1. ServQuest™ – desktop software:

  • scheduling service and delivery; 
  • planning field staff workday; 
  • inventory management; 
  • equipment maintenance; 
  • customer relationship management (CRM); 
  • invoicing and payment processing.

Prism Dispatch™ desktop software

2. Prism Dispatch™– desktop software:

  • dispatching delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and field service workers; 
  • route optimization; 
  • delivery and service stop tracking.

MiniMate™ mobile software

3. MiniMate™– mobile application:

  • direct delivery and service for customers;
  • barcode reader; 
  • load trucks; 
  • unload trucks;
  • check-in trucks; 
  • check-out trucks; 
  • survey / DOT; 
  • inventory request; 
  • inventory physical count;
  • collecting payments at customer locations;
  • customer wallet maintenance; 
  • truck inventory adjustment; 
  • customer equipment maintenance; 
  • end of day reporting.

Web Store web software

4. Web Store – web software:

  • order products online; 
  • discounts, deals, and promotions calculation; 
  • support customer product authorized list; 
  • special customer prices.

Order Connector desktop software

5. Order Connector– desktop ERP system:

  • synchronizing accounting and other third-party software to Prism VS’s software packages; 
  • creating a single-process flow for all business functions.

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