Accounting Software Online (How to Choose a Vendor?)

Accounting Software Online

After detailed consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of accounting software online and deciding to use a web-based system instead of the traditional computer program, you go to the next stage, namely, start to choose the cloud accounting software system among many offers that are on the market.

Do not rush to make a purchase. Some companies move quickly, without any hesitation of web computing, and do not think about risks concerned with such thoughtless action. Choosing a cloud accounting provider is not easy, how it may look at first sight. You should consider some key aspects before taking the “jump.”

Choose accounting software online provider wisely:

  1. Involve your company's business and IT leaders in the process of choosing the cloud accounting software provider.
  2. Define your company's short-term and long-term business objectives.
  3. Remember that the security of your company's critical data must be on top of mind.

4. Evaluate different providers of the accounting software online:

a. Recognize how every provider you are considering guarantees the safety of your company's information.
b. Discover which security measures each potential vendor ensures: anti-virus detection, firewalls, data encryption, multi-factor user authentication, and routine security audits.
c. Consider the location of the data centers and servers where your company's accounting information will be stored.
d. Discover how cloud vendors protect the data centers from thieves and natural disasters such as fires, storms, floods, earthquakes, and others.
e. Ask each provider who from their employees will have access to your company's financial data in the cloud.
f. Elucidate whether the web software provider checks the background of his/her employees with the purpose to reveal the identity thieves and potential cybercriminals.
g. Ask online accounting software providers about compliance with government legislation, including specific requirements to your industry.

h. Discover the pricing scheme of every provider you are considering. Pricing for cloud accounting services can vary significantly.
i. Make sure that potential software providers understand your business and specific objectives you hope to achieve with the accounting software online system.
j. Make sure that you will have access to your business information anytime from anywhere by using any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone).
k. Inquire about the customer support services each online accounting software vendor provides.
l. Be sure that the technical support is available online or by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, not excluding holidays.
m. Discover what additional storage capacity and other services can be offered overtime, as your business grows, and for what price.

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