Accounting Software for Processing and Recording Business Transactions

Use accounting software to process and record your business transactions

Accounting software is a special type of software that processes and records various accounting transactions. Generally, the accounting information system is composed of different modules that are devoted to particular areas of accounting. Some of the accounting system’s modules are commonly used and are named core modules; other functional modules are named not-core modules.

The main core modules of the accounting software system are:

  • Accounts payable is used by a company to enter bills it has to pay the money it owes.
  • Accounts receivable is used by a company to enter received money.
  • Billing is used by a company to record invoices produced to its customers.
  • The purchase order is used by a company to record its orders that are made regarding the company's inventory.
  • The sales order is used by a company to record customer orders that are supplied by the company.
  • The general ledger is used by a company to form the company’s account books.
  • Stock/inventory is used by a company to keep control of its inventory.

The main non-core modules of the accounting information system are:

  • Payroll is used by a company to record the employees’ salaries, wages, and other related taxes.
  • Timesheet is used by a company to record the worked time that will be billed to clients.
  • Electronic payment is used by a company to record the electronic payments made by the company.
  • Debt collection is used by a company to collect overdue bills.
  • The expense is used by a company to record business-related expenses.
  • The purchase requisition is used by a company to record the made, approved, and tracked purchase orders.

The accounting information systems can be developed by the company's own developing team as well as to be ordered and purchased from the specialized development company. In the case of buying, the accounting solution can be modified to the company’s specific needs.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. develops accounting solutions for companies that perform route sales, pre-order deliveries, and equipment service. Our accounting information system includes desktop software and mobile applications such as ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, MiniMate™, and Order Connector that are easily integrated with the most popular off-the-shelf accounting software as well as customized to your accounting software needs. We are in the market for more than twenty years and have studied our clients’ needs; therefore our accounting information system satisfies all their business requirements and covers all their accounting transactions.

Accounting software system