Accelerate Sales with Prism Visual Software’s Contact Center 

Streamline customer support with the contact center software system.

Today’s consumers have high requirements and are limited in time; therefore, to reach and convert them is more challenging than before. There is only one effective way to reach more customers, namely, to take agents’ performance to new heights with a feature-rich communication platform.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers the contact center software (inbound and outbound call center) that allows improving interactions with customers and passing ahead of competitors.

Our contact center software is for you if you want to:

  • get more customers faster, 
  • improve interactions with clients, 
  • grow conversions, 
  • nurture the leads, 
  • drive sales effectively, 
  • create a schedule easily.

Because of robust features and functionality, Prism VS's call center software equips organizations of all industries with a communication solution designed to increase efficiency and improve customer experiences.

Use Prism Visual Software's call center to: 

  • Streamline customer support and service: 
    • manage customer support communication channels from the one platform,
    • connect customers to the right agents that have the right information, 
    • direct each customer to the agent best suited to meet his/her needs,
    • comply with customer requests and satisfy their preferences, 
    • increase service delivery by asking the right questions and giving the right answers.
streamline customer support
  • Manage your agents effectively: 
    • equip your agents with tools that help to deliver customer service more effectively,
    • monitor every interaction, 
    • assist in the case of further assistance is required, 
    • get the real-time insight into all activities of each representative, 
    • keep tabs on all needs and requirements of your contact center (call center). 

  • Make insightful business decisions: 
    • build customizable reports, 
    • get customer feedback, 
    • collect information about the experience of each client, 
    • optimize resources, 
    • realize customizable campaigns, 
    • easily and effectively manage the contact center.
call center managing