Mobile Route Accounting

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Prism Visual Software
Mobile route accounting

Routing Software

Customer Profile

Pinnacle Distribution delivers perishable foods, such as fresh-cut fruit, apples, and packaged cookies, to convenience stores.

Prism's mobile routin solution

Business Challenge

Prior to the implementation of mobile routing software, Pinnacle Distribution, a deliverer of perishable foods, handwrote all invoices which took tremendous time and caused many clerical errors.  The drivers did not use any handheld software and had to estimate what to leave on the shelves.  Pinnacle was on a full-credit program with considerable waste on the shelves.  The owners recognized that they had to buy a routing solution that would help them manage their office and delivery time, eliminate the handwritten process of creating invoices, and calculate accurately the quantities of the food placed on the shelves in the stores.  They researched routing software solutions for about two months.  Price mattered to this small business and Prism Visual Software was affordable.

Solution Overview

  • MiniMate, Prism VS's handheld routing software
  • ServQuest, Prism VS's desktop routing software
  • QuickBooks Premier Editions 2007
  • Minimum CPU required: Pentium III
  • Minimum memory required: 256MB
  • Minimum hard disk space required: 1GB Free Space
  • Operating system version: Windows 2000 or XP preferred. Pocket PC

Business Benefits

  • Cut clerical and delivery time by 90%
  • Tripled customer base
  • Eliminated waste on shelves
  • Accurate calculations of shelf needs
  • Added new product lines
  • Plans to add more drivers
  • User-friendly, intuitive, and comprehensive software
  • Great support
  • Solution expands with company's growth

The Selling Point: Prism Visual Software’s Care and Time Investment in the Sales Process

When Pinnacle Distribution approached Prism Visual Software’s sales staff, the distributor appreciated the time and care of the demo process.  According to Josh Naville, CEO of Pinnacle Distribution, the repeated virtual demonstrations were in fact the selling point—besides the price and software features.  He liked the care with which the sales team showed him the comprehensive solution.  It helped him to learn many features of the software before he even bought it.  When he eventually used MiniMate, ServQuest, and QuickBooks in his company, he already felt comfortable with the solution’s functionality. 

Josh also liked how Prism Visual Software calculated the cost for the various parts of the routing solution which required an initial investment in the desktop software, ServQuest, but made the individual handheld software (MiniMate) very affordable. 

“We are planning on adding more drivers in the near future and will then need to buy only additional MiniMate licenses.  The software will expand with us and we do not need to learn something new,” Josh Naville explains.

The Implementation Process

Pinnacle Distribution was eager to get rid of the handwritten invoice process.  “After a few hiccups that everyone should expect since this is a very company-specific software implementation, we are running without any problems.  Prism Visual Software really showed a sincere interest in getting us up and running,” Josh states, “I am completely satisfied and Prism Visual Software wanted to make sure that we succeed.  They are a great team.”  Pinnacle Distribution also received the books and manuals that come with Prism VS’s software, as well as with QuickBooks.  The accounting software, QuickBooks Premier Editions 2007, is an integral part of the routing software and Pinnacle Distribution appreciates the reports, especially the profitability report.  Prism VS’s routing software and its seamless integration with QuickBooks Premier Editions 2007 enable Pinnacle to know exactly what is sold and what to purchase and so to eliminate overstocking or understocking.

Pinnacle’s Post-Implementation Goals

Since Pinnacle Distributions implemented the software, seamlessly tied it into QuickBooks, the company cut clerical and delivery time by 90%.  The extra time enabled Pinnacle to expand the business by tripling its customer base.  Further, the automated software calculations reduced waste on the shelves which improved Pinnacle’s credit score at the convenience stores they deliver to.  Pinnacle has also added new products to their product line and plans to add more drivers soon. 

 Josh Naville exclaims: “With Prism’s routing software the sky is the limit for our delivery business!”

QuickBooks MiniMate integrates with QuickBooks