Desktop, Handheld, and Web Software for Pre-Order Delivery, Route Sales and Equipment Service

Prism Visual Software mobile products

Started in 1998, Prism VS has differentiated itself with innovative technologies and personal attention to customers. Our professional team continually develops new features and services that assure our clients a substantive ROI and allow them to stay current as technology advances.

Today, Prism Visual Software has a suite of desktop, mobile, and web software products to be combined into a unique system for delivery,  route sales, direct store delivery, pre-order, equipment or another field service, and distribution companies. By learning from our clients about their businesses, we built software that works the way our customers need it to work.

Software Type
ServQuest Desktop

Sales Distribution and Service Software on the desktop for scheduling and route management. Features include automated call centers (inbound, outbound, and collections), visual dispatching & mapping, truck warehouse control, equipment asset management and service, inventory loading & selling algorithms, and a variety of customer pricing matrixes for different industries including (price levels, contract pricing, deals, discounts, promotions) and more.

MiniMate Handheld Handheld Software for order takers, delivery, route sales, and equipment service. Prism’s MiniMate used in a variety of industries including OCS, Food and Beverage Distribution, Perishable Food Distribution, DSD, Water Treatment, Bottled Water, HVAC, Equipment Service, and Repair, Computer Services, Propane Fuel and Tank Delivery, Ice Delivery, Fire Inspection Services, and more.
MiniSurvey Handheld Handheld checklist software for inspections, salespeople, and service. Prism’s MiniSurvey allows you to create surveys and questions to guide field techs or salespeople at the customer. Field workers can collect data in the field and wirelessly transfer that data back to the office to be reported on.
WebCustomer Web Web-based tool kit for order entry of product, service requests, invoice and balance inquiry, and customer communication. 
WebSales Web Web-based tool kit for internal salespeople to manage assigned customers. Functionality includes order entry of products, service requests, invoice and balance inquiry, equipment and asset management, and marketing new products.
WebTech Web Web-based ticket review, printing, and completion to create invoices. Technicians can review equipment service history install or return equipment, perform service, or update equipment asset records. In addition, technicians can perform site testing and inspections. Technicians can communicate with managers and bill customers.
WebTechManager Web Web-based management of technicians. Review work of technicians, communicate with techs and manage upcoming work.
Accountmate Accounting Desktop Scalable accounting system fully integrated with Prism's ServQuest. Together Prism and Accountmate offer customers a leading "Sales Distribution Route Accounting System". Modules include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory Control, Manufacturing Inventory, Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Payroll, RMA, and RVA.
Prism Order Connector Desktop The Order Connector is a series of SQL stored procedures that synchronize the desktop of Prism with many major backend accounting systems including QuickBooks, GP Dynamics, and MAS500
Stonefield Query Report Wizard Desktop Stonefield Query is a user-friendly ad-hoc query and reports writing tool. With its intuitive wizard-driven design, Stonefield Query makes report writing easy for even the most novice user.
Prism PDF Blast and Fax Server Desktop Prism PDF Blast and Fax Server will allow users to send invoices and statements to customers with a click of a button. This tool is also used by marketing managers to send custom marketing messages; purchasing managers to send purchase orders to vendors, and warehouse managers to communicate inventory movement.
Prism CC Processing Desktop Prism CC processing will collect money from banks and update your accounting systems with a click of a button.
Warehouse Management System* Desktop & Handheld Receive purchase orders, ship sales orders, perform physical counts, and transfer inventory within your distribution center which updates Prism in real-time. One or many wireless base stations are set up to facilitate any distribution environment.
Prism AutoDialer Desktop Prism AutoDialer integrates into Prism's desktop system to automatically call your customers to remind users of their upcoming delivery or service.

* WMS functions depend on accounting modules purchased to support the function listed in the description.

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