Prism’s Operational Routing and Sales Distribution Software Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Do you want operational routing software that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP? Look no further because Prism's operational routing and sales distribution software does just that. With Prism's routing software you get a complete business solution that will grow with your company.

At Prism we believe that our mobile and desktop operational routing and sales distribution solution provides the operational infrastructure that enhances any routing and distribution business. 

Prism’s operational routing and sales distribution software comes loaded with lots of  features that make scheduling product delivery and equipment service calls easy, efficient, and reliable.  The integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP is only one big plus of the Prism operational routing and sales distribution software solution. 

For instance, Prism’s handheld software, MiniMate, eliminates repeat calls from customers whose service issues remain unsolved.   Prism’s operational handheld software makes recent service and delivery history of each route’s customers available to your delivery and service technicians.  Their handheld software also makes available to them step-by-step instructions in the field, if needed.  Prism’s desktop dispatch board speeds up the rearrangement of schedules and accommodates emergency calls quickly and immediately.  The routing software keeps track of equipment in the field and improves the control for processing completed jobs or the mailing of invoices on completed jobs.  Then there are Prism’s Inbound and Outbound Calling Centers, the sophisticated scheduling features on the desktop, and—last but not least—the seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP.     

How can we be so certain?  Because our software designers know the routing and distribution industry from the inside out.  They developed solutions with all the necessary specificity and know-how.  Most importantly, we listen to our customers and learned from them what they need and how they use it to run their businesses efficiently, reliably, and smoothly.   In turn, Prism implemented our operational routing and sales distribution solution with several food distribution companies using Dynamics..    

Prism’s clients benefit tremendously from the improved digital infrastructure.  They cut clerical and service time by 90%.  They gain absolute control over the inventory in the warehouse and in the trucks.  The invoicing process becomes 100% correct and reliable.  The “who, what, where and when” becomes crystal clear, controlled, and efficiently organized in the moment Prism’s operational routing and sales distribution software goes live.   The integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP adds financial back-end control that makes Prism’s solution a “big” package for any growth-oriented delivery and service company.   The ROI is quick and almost immediate—for most of our clients between three and six months.

Companies trust Prism because we have over fifteen years of experience in delivery and service industries.  We enjoy industry-wide recognition, as indicated by the recognition Prism’s software has received over the years. 

Prism’s software integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as with other off-the-shelf accounting systems, such as Quickbooks®, and Visual AccountMate.  Prism’s software also integrates with other 3 rd party solutions such as GPS and mapping software.  

Prism’s software is user-friendly, intuitive, and reliable.  We offer great support services and outstanding care! 

One of our clients, Joe Naville from Pinnacle Distribution, praised our software with these words: “With Prism’s mobile routing solution the sky is the limit for our business!

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