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Ten Most Significant Data Deployments for 2002 Includes Prism Visual Software

Aberdeen Group’s Best Practice Report Names

Port Washington-Based Software Developer

National Innovation Leader

Port Washington, NY (January 23, 2003): Prism Visual Software – a firm just recognized as Accounting Today magazine’s 2002 Technology Pacesetter, and as one of Accounting Technology magazine’s Third Party Stars – has now been named by Aberdeen Group as the developer of one of the Ten Most Significant Data Deployments of 2002. 

While honored by this recognition on behalf of her firm, Prism CEO and founder Lorraine Keating was not surprised by Aberdeen’s conclusion. “We work hard to ensure that the software solutions we develop meet our customers’ real needs in new and often unexpected ways,” Keating said.

“Prism Visual Software’s award-winning application is built on the framework of Softline AccountMate’s AccountMate 6.0,” Keating pointed out, “which is the most powerful and flexible open source code accounting software system in the mid-market. AccountMate’s scope and ease of use made it the natural foundation for our system.

“At Prism Visual Software, we strive for three measurable accomplishments,” Keating, who was Accounting Technology’s “Killer VAR” recipient for 2002, pointed out. “First, we want to deliver excellence – in software and support – to our end-user clients. This Aberdeen recognition focuses on one of our users’ ability to take our software and make a positive difference in the marketplace.

“In addition, we strive for creativity and for innovation,” Keating pointed out. “These three factors – our focus on the customer, our commitment to creativity and our inner demand for real innovation in the products we develop and field – these are what sets us apart in the marketplace. We’re all thrilled that Aberdeen has recognized our leadership – but primarily because it affirms to us what we have known all along. We create and deliver real value for our clients, helping them to implement solutions that really streamline their own business operations. Our clients’ bottom lines become our bottom line – when we help them succeed, we succeed.”

Aberdeen Group, a widely known and highly regarded IT market analysis and positioning service firm, headquartered in Boston but with offices in New York and on the West Coast, selected Prism Visual Software for their annual Best Practice Report, “What Works: Ten Significant Data Deployments.” Aiming to separate “rumor from fact,” Aberdeen invited more than half-a-hundred mobile data technology developers and service providers to submit their most impressive single hand-held mobile data implementation customer success story from the past twelve months.

Aberdeen selected ten case studies – the ten most impressive implementations of 2002. Along with Prism’s mobile “MiniMate” software, Aberdeen identified other exceptional implementation case studies from companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Symbol Technologies, and Sierra Wireless.

In addition to this latest recognition, Prism Visual Software was named one of ComputerWorld’s 2002 Emerging Businesses to Watch – reflecting a view about Prism’s innovation and market leadership that validates Aberdeen’s findings.

In the recognized case study, Prism’s featured customer, LinCo Services, used Prism’s mobile “MiniMate” software to streamline the operations of its field Force – significantly enhancing productivity and profitability. This stand-out solution, implemented by Prism on LinCo service’s behalf, combined hand held devices, route management, accounting and equipment service dispatch software into an integrated hand-held tool that has revolutionized LinCo’s field operations.

Prism’s software – as used by LinCo Services – impressed the Aberdeen research team for the product’s maturity, strength, and versatility. “Along with the other nine case studies,” Keating said, “Prism’s award-winning wireless software solution proves that the appropriate deployment of enterprise applications in a   environment continues to make sound business sense.”

Industry watchers agree that Prism represents the model for the emerging leaders among innovative consulting resellers. Prism and its closest market compatriots not only add value in the implementation of major developers’ software systems, but also develop their own innovative niche-market solutions. In addition to representing some of the best business solutions software in the mid-market – products from market leaders such Softline AccountMate, Accu-Tech System’s Job Cost software, GIS Mapping from ESRI, GPS from Navtrak, IBM and Palm – Prism develops a range of market-leading PDA Wireless Software Solutions (WSS) as well as a range of other niche market product lines. These software solutions are developed for, and are used by route sales, product deliveries, meter reading, and equipment service.

In their own proprietary business solutions, Prism’s operational modules integrate with Softline AccountMate’s accounting software, delivering what can best be described as a true end-to-end solution. While that term is often little more than jargon, in Prism’s case, “end-to-end” means exactly what it seems to imply. Over the past half-decade, Prism’s expertise has been focused on the route management and field service dispatch areas.

“Our award-winning field force automation technology connects field-force ‘on the road’ personnel with their ‘in the office’ desktop,” Keating explained. “We give our clients the most useful suite of technologies, carefully matching solutions with their particular needs.”

In looking for stand-out systems, Aberdeen noted that Prism’s solutions offer savings and increase end-user productivity in a variety of ways, including:

  • Efficient routing/dispatching
  • Job costing
  • Signature captured invoicing on site
  • Reduction in paper tickets/invoices
  • Inventory control, from warehouse to end-user
  • Improved customer service

“Our understanding of the operations of businesses that route trucks or have field service technicians dynamically assigned on a daily basis,” Keating pointed out, “has enabled Prism to offer to our end-user clients both measurable cost savings along with award winning technology solutions – solutions that work.”

In working with specific clients – delivering the best, most carefully focused solutions – Prism Visual Software has developed outstanding software systems designed to function in a variety of vertical market niches, including: 


  • Food and Beverage Distribution
  • Bottled Water Delivery/Pickup Service


  • Service and Repair of Equipment
  • Air and Water Treatment

SERVQUEST w/ JOB COST (MiniMate and cell phones)

  • Construction/Contractors/Subcontractors
  • HVAC
  • JobCost

POS (MiniMate)

  • Retail Operations

METER BILLING (MiniMate and cell phones)

  • Utility Billing

“While I think that what we did with LinCo was outstanding,” Keating said, “LinCo is also representative of the kinds of clients we serve. Aberdeen recognized us, not only for our work with LinCo, but for the broader range of end-user-focused we deliver in all of these niche markets.”

The Aberdeen report, citing Prism Visual Software and nine other innovative market leaders, is available in two versions. One is a free, abridged version available as a download at Aberdeen’s website. This no-cost version includes an overview of the key findings in the analysis section as well as case studies of Mobile Data Deployments Best Practice implementations from select vendors. The other version is the full report of the study, featuring complete descriptions and results of all ten companies. It is available online at a list price of $495.

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Lorraine Keating is a frequently-quoted observer of the emerging 21st century business marketplace. To arrange for an interview with Lorraine – about the Aberdeen award or on other business issues – please contact Ned Barnett at 702-696-1200.